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The Biggest Technological Advancements For a Football Player over the last 15 Years

Football is an amazing game that has been around since the 1800s, over the years the game has evolved and changed dramatically. From a game that started with no equipment to evolving to helmets, pads and other protective gear the game was changing yearly. At one point players had leather helmets with no facemasks but due to constant injury the game was forced to change for the betterment of all involved. As of today hundreds of changes have been made, the biggest change has been the advancement of technology in football. I am not speaking about the obvious advancements as far as televised games and other broadcasts; I am specifically talking about technological advancements that affect the outcome of a game.

  Although laptops are not allowed on the NFL sidelines by coaches and teams, the sidelines, referees, and players’ equipment have evolved with the latest IT advancements. In 1956, Cleveland Browns Coach Paul Brown was the first to use a radio transmitter to communicate with his quarterback through his helmet. This was quickly outlawed by the NFL. However, since 1994, helmet transmitters have been used for play calling and communications between the coaches and players on the field. In 2007, Motorola added communication centers on the sidelines with 16 phones in a large case with wheels for the press and coaching boxes to communicate with players or coaches on the field play. New Motorola headsets that are thinner and designed to work best in loud conditions and bad weather are the result of NFL coaches’ feedback directly to the manufacturer.


 I’m going to focus on 3 of the top advancements in the last 15 years. The first being the scientific advancements in today’s football equipment, specifically helmets, and show how they have prevented injuries compared to the older models. I also like to show how the invention of field turf has made the game better and cheaper. Finally how video editing advancements have given teams a competitive advantage and a necessity in today’s game


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